Hi Friends! I wanted to make a friendly introduction and give you some insight into my business. I feel tremendously grateful to get to do what I do. I still can't believe that this is my job - I'm living a dream that first manifested itself when I was just a girl in 5th grade. Now I get paid to capture moments in time that are treasured by so many people. Pinch me. 

I'm a professional videographer and avid globetrotter, with an eye for capturing the details that tell a story. It's pretty incredible to think about the amount of love, laughter, and pure happiness I get to witness and capture. One of the my favorite things is hearing from a couple after they relive their wedding day through their video. It's also a joy creating brand videos for small business owners, showing the world the pride they have in their craft, and why they do what they do. It's also rewarding for me to teach one-on-one workshops with photographers who want to incorporate video into their work. Basically I love what a do!

While my portfolio consists mostly of wedding films, national model competitions, and branding films, This past year I have begun to work in the travel industry as well - getting to add international videos for travel companies to my portfolio, as well as stateside adventures! Iā€™m thankful that my clients are from all over the world. I can't wait wait to meet you and tell your story!