Hi Friends! I wanted to make a friendly introduction and give you some insight into my business. I feel tremendously grateful to get to do what I do. I still can't believe that this is my job - I'm living a dream that first manifested itself when I was just a girl in 5th grade. Now I get paid to capture moments in time that are treasured by so many people. Pinch me. 

A few years ago I transitioned from photography to video, and I've fallen in love with the ability to tell a story through video. I LOVE the love and laughter and pure happiness that I get to witness and capture. I LOVE hearing from a couple after they relive their wedding day. I LOVE creating brand videos for small business owners, showing the world the pride they have in their craft and why they do what they do. I LOVE teaching one-on-one workshops with photographers who want to incorporate video into their work. I LOVE what I do. 

My clients describe me as a fun and dedicated entrepreneur, and my friends agree, but they might also say I can be a bit obsessed with work sometimes. But besides my business, I am passionate about traveling, and I’m thankful that my clients are from all over the country. I can't wait wait to meet you and tell your story!


You can view all of my films by clicking here